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Your Purpose Is Not A Destination, It's Your Journey

Stevenson Gerard, He is the last of three children born to Alexandre Gerard, and Paulette Eustache. He was born in Caracas, Venezuela, raised in South Florida, relocated to Hawaii by the divine prophetic will of God from 2015-2019, and now resides in Northern Georgia, which is where the Lord has called him to establish the ministry that he is called to lead.  At the age of 8, he began to preach to his mom, as part of “playtime”, however, little did he know that it was the power of the Holy Spirit that was working within him preparing him to preach to the Nations, in Spirit and in Truth.

After facing multiple letdowns in life, and sensing failure, and depression on the horizon, he gave his life to Christ and began to be discipled by 2 great man of God in South Florida. He served in a small local church in Coral Springs, Florida for 5 years, where he advanced in the knowledge of the word of God and the things of the Holy Spirit.


Prior to dedicating His life to Jesus, he played the keyboard, drums, and bass guitar for 10+ years in said church, post-giving his life to Christ, he continued with the musical gifting, however, the Lord expanded his territory and Stevenson led many intercessory prayer services, served in the Youth Ministry, taught Sunday School, taught Bible Study, mentored many, was one of the praise/worship leaders, Evangelized, preached at many different events/venues, and many more. Serving under the leadership of an ordained Pastor, and being mentored by 2 great man of God allowed him to be held accountable, and grow in the discipline of the Holy Spirit in many different facets.

Stevenson Gerard is married to the lovely Deeirdra Gerard. They both live to serve and advance the Kingdom of God. Brother Stevenson is the Ministry leader of the Rise And Walk Ministry Inc. located in Northern Georgia and have a burden to see the lost saved.


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